Fate core rpg

  Fate core is the newest incarnation of the Fate engine and a successor/ offspring of the Fudge system. now to begin I will mention that some people write the name FATE and others write it as Fate, it is odd that there is a divide in the community over this but there is. the […]

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DC adventures review

DC adventures RPG uses the amazing Mutants and masterminds 3e version of the D20 rules. normally the D20 system can be a bit clunky, but here that clunk is gone. Green ronin publishing has taken the D20 engine and distilled it down to the most basic component the D20 as the only dice you roll […]

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Star Wars D20 RPG

Today we have a double dose of Star wars. the star wars D20 system was the successor to the much beloved D6 star wars RPG. this edition had huge galaxy sized shoes to fill and sadly it did not fill them well. now this version had two editions of its own with the original and […]

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Ptolus is a massive deluxe campaign setting by monte cook. now when I say it is massive I am not just talking about the size of the city is presents. I am also talking about the size of the book itself. it is over 600 pages of information plus a DVD with extras for your […]

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