Fate of Cthulu

I am one of the lucky few who was chosen to participate in the alpha play test of Evil hat productions Fate of Cthulu tabletop rpg.  for full disclosure I do not work for Evil Hat nor am I being paid to review their new game. I was given access to the early alpha release by filling out a public application to become a play tester. also note I cannot share the documents with anyone out side of my group, but I am allowed to talk about the game.

okay so I have not had time to sit with my group to play a session, but I did read the PDF. I will being playing with my group as soon as we get together though. well this game sounds awesome. basically take terminator and replace the machines with the great old ones and you have the games plot. in the year 2030 the great old ones have taken over the world and the remnants of mankind have found a way to fight back by combing great old one magic and tech with out own. One of the new technologies is time travel, so groups of people are sent back in time to 2018 to try and stop the rise of the great old ones. when you do go back in time you are naked, helpless, and a little bit corrupted by the dark powers of the old ones.

the game uses the Fate core system with the addition of a corruption system. Corruption changes one of your characters  aspects from the normal one you picked to a darker reflection of it. for example you could go from protect the innocent to kill the guilty when your aspect is corrupted. gaining corruption also allows a person to purchase corrupted stunts which allow a normal person to gain superhuman abilities at he cost of their souls and sanity.

another addition to the game is the timeline aspect. the timeline is a series of events that lead up to the rise of the old ones.  each event has four catalysts which are the things that can be changed to to alter or stop the event. if enough events are altered or changed you stop the old ones.

overall I am very excited to play this game and give my feedback to Evil Hat Productions. as my group and I play our sessions I will try to blog what we find out about the game as well as give the feedback directly to Evil Hat.


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