Complete Fighter’s handbook



The complete fighter’s handbook is part of the player’s handbook series of supplements for AD&D 2e. it is one of the best in the series in my opinion as the material presented in it is neither too powerful like the Elves book or too weak like the priests book.

this book contains several kits which can help differentiate between fighter PC’s so they do not all come off as the same.  note that the kits say they are for all of the warrior classes, I would restrict them to just the fighter class so that you do not give out weapon spec to none fighters. the book also has a new way of using weapon proficiency so now a warrior can become proficient in whole groups of weapons and not just one as per the core book. there are also extended rules for various fighting styles such as one handed, two weapon, two- handed, and sword and board. these rules allow for warriors and in particular fighters to become even better at fighting which is obviously what the class should be good at. there are also some extended rules for weapon crafting and jousting which are nice to have. in addition rules for piece mail armour are present so you can mix and match what your player dons. and of course no book on fighters would be complete without the addition of several new weapons to use against the hordes of darkness.

the kits in this book run from flavorful like the peasant hero to very strong like the cavalier. most though are middle ground though when compared to kits from other books some may seem kinda OP. some kits of note are the amazon which is a female only kit who gains advantages the first round of combat as men underestimate women supposedly, the samurai which gains the totally OP Katana and the peasant hero who get free lodging in his home town and nothing else really.

this as with most of the players handbook supplements are great additions to any AD&D 2e game. like all AD&D 2e material though make sure you as a DM go through it and make sure it fits your game and is not to OP for your gaming style. this is one of the better supplements and will make your average vanilla fighter feel better.



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