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Fate core is the newest incarnation of the Fate engine and a successor/ offspring of the Fudge system. now to begin I will mention that some people write the name FATE and others write it as Fate, it is odd that there is a divide in the community over this but there is. the Fate engine uses a proprietary dice system that utilizes four cubed dice. the dice have two +, two – and two blank sides.  the more + symbols you get the better your roll is.

the other main mechanic of this game is the use of aspects to modify your dice rolls. every PC has about four or five aspects If i recall correctly. also every location has aspects and same for well just about everything else. this game also has a fate mechanic system which is intertwined with the aspect system.  in order to activate most aspects you have to spend a fate point, and in order to get fate points back you allow the GM to activate aspects against you.

some examples of the aspect fate interaction. if the players enter a dark laboratory and one of the players wants to use the darkness to help with their stealth they can invoke this aspect and spend a fate point to gain a bonus on their stealth check. in another scenario the heroes are in a factory and the GM could offer a fate point in order to invoke an aspect that would have the railing on a catwalk fail sending a hero unto the floor below.

this interaction allows the players and Gm to mold the world around them allowing for a more interactive story telling experience. one downside is that the players and GM will need to be very good at descriptions thus more reserved players may not have as easy as a time with the game as others would. \

the custom dice as not as much of an issue as it is in say FFGSW as there are several work arounds presented in the book. such as using 1 and 6 as +, 3 and 4 as a – , and 2 and 5 as blanks on a standard D6.

the books layout is nice and crisp with easily read text. the rules are explained in a very clear cut manner with little confusion. the paper quality is good and the spine very sturdy. overall a very high quality book.

this game is overall very good and I would like to play it more when I get the chance. I do own the Dresden files RPG also which uses a variant of fate core and that game is pretty nice.

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