Star Wars D20 RPG


Today we have a double dose of Star wars. the star wars D20 system was the successor to the much beloved D6 star wars RPG. this edition had huge galaxy sized shoes to fill and sadly it did not fill them well. now this version had two editions of its own with the original and a revised edition. the differences between the two are about as extensive as the differences between D&D 3.0 and D&D 3.5 . new classes were added and most classes received a massive overhaul in abilities. as the name suggests this uses the D20 system with some minor modification. the biggest mod was breaking HP down into Wound points (WP) and vitality points (VP). WP represented major life threatening wounds while VP was getting tired and minor scraps. VP operated just like HP in other D20 systems. WP was equal to your con score. criticals in this edition did not multiply damage, but instead went straight into WP. When you were out of WP you were dead.

the force in this edition operated like skills and even had to be paid for via your classes skill points. the use of these force skills though cost VP thus if you used the force to often you would weaken yourself a lot. this edition did this in the hopes of creating Balance between force users and non force users. they failed for the most part. in fact if you every hear someone say that the D20 system is balanced in anyway they are deluding themselves.

the ship combat rules in this edition needed help as the D20 system never seemed to get ship combat right in any of its variants. as with the later saga edition this game could be slow due to the AoO/grid combat system. thankfully unlike 4e taking that out of the game is doable and really speeds up game play.

I had a lot of good games in this system. it is currently the one I played the most as most of my players were use to D20 via D&D and it was easier to get them to play this then the older and much better D6 version. one funny scenario I remember was when the group tried to rescue a fallen dark side leia. one of the players a jedi under lukes new academy decided he would try to subdue her with his lightsabre. well he rolled to hit and of course scored a crit. well he rolls well and kills Leia in one hit. as he does this his companion also a jedi looks around, drops his lightsabre points at the first PC and goes oh my god look what he did, and then runs off to find a ship and GTFO.  from that day on we use to tease the first player that he needs to remember lightsabre do not have a stun setting.

overall this is my third faviroite Star wars rpg. it is probably mostly due to the fun group and adventures we had. which of course shows again that a good group and good friends can make even a shitty system enjoyable. it helps to have a good system also, but is not needed with the right group. Hell I am sure with the right group FATAL could be fun*


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