Teenage mutant ninja turtles RPG


the TMNT Rpg from Palladium games is a unique beast for me. On one hand I love TMNT on the other hand I am not a big fan of the Palladium game engine. this is one of only two Palladium games I have bought with my own money. the other one is the Macross II rpg. Now this RPG does fix a few of the issue I had with the rifts take on the Palladium game engine. there is virtually no Mega damage nor mega defense. I think things like rocket launchers and tanks use them, but as those are not common in the game Mega does appear often. the second is there are no Classes per say in this game. instead every animal is given a set number of build points  called bio points iirc to give themselves different levels of mutations. as for skills that depends on how you were raised and how you got your mutations. so a random animal exposed to radiation and living in the woods will have a different skill set then a precisely engineered mutant raised in a think tank.

another cool aspect of the game is team building. in team building the entire team gains bonuses to stats and skills based on what the other members of the team have. the only downside is everyone has to be the same animal and have the same origin.

sadly the game line came to an end due to ironically the popularity of the TMNT cartoon franchise. You see this game was based on the original comics which were much darker and serious then the cartoon. with the cartoon becoming popular no one could take the serious tone of this RPG well seriously. this drop in sales of the book resulted in Palladium dropping the product line. though I have heard that most of the concepts survived and become the after the bomb RPG.

A note of caution the TMNT RPG has had a few print runs and one of them has a very out of date chart on mental illness like most early Palladium games had. this chart that uses the DSM-3 or maybe DSM-2 has Homosexuality listed as a mental illness. this means that if used you could get beat up so bad you turn gay.. yeah if you find a copy of the book with this chart it is best to ignore it completely.

somewhat recently Ivan Van Norman of geek and sundry did a multi part session of the TMNT RPG, but he used a homebrewed system that  made the game more playable. http://geekandsundry.com/shows/no-survivors/ .

2 thoughts on “Teenage mutant ninja turtles RPG

  1. Good post. When I was a young guy, I made a character for a TMNT RPG. I don’t know if it was the Palladium version, but I suspect that it was, considering that there was probably only one game based on the comic books you’re writing about. My character was a little mutant groundhog, I seem to remember, with some serious firepower for an animal that really isn’t all too powerful, in most respects. I wondered what happened to that game, and now I see what you’re saying about it. I never got to play a session of the game, but making a character was fun, to see how the game might work if I ever found an opportunity to join in one.


  2. I’ve been gaming for a lot of years, and got into the palladium multi-verse. but i’m a big fan of streamlining any system that i use. i did it with ad&d(d&d), shadowrun, cyber punk, bubble crisis, etc.. so rifts and rest of the palladium system was no different. what made it so appealing was incorporating all the gaming books into the rifts verse. and the tmnt gaming books were a big part, along with ninjas and super spies, as well as the robotech series, just name a few. but i didn’t stop there. i converted and incorporated quite a few other systems as well, like white wolves mage system, later followed the vampire & werewolf books, warhammer 40k(specifically the eldar & harlequin), and the list goes on. then there’s the use of a self created campaign realm that was vastly detailed and fairly unique, that i had begun building very early on and continuously adapted & evolved steadily along the way which allowed for just about any thing i wanted the throw at my players.
    i guess what i’m trying say or get across is that it’s all about what you get out of it and by how you use it.
    i’m mean no system is perfect. actually most are far from it. it’s just more about how you play the game.


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