Ptolus is a massive deluxe campaign setting by monte cook. now when I say it is massive I am not just talking about the size of the city is presents. I am also talking about the size of the book itself. it is over 600 pages of information plus a DVD with extras for your reading pleasure. the price tag was also massive at around $100.

this setting details one city. yes you read that right it is only one city in this 600+ page book. this makes Ptolus the god king of urban settings. the detail in the book is amazing. want to know what the average menu item price is in the adventures district it is in there. want to know what the room rates for various apartments and houses you can rent or buy are that is in there also.

another unique thing about this setting is that it was built around the third edition rules and not the other way around. A small issue with some settings is they are made for a prior rules set and converted, or they are based on a book and or movie and have  a rules set forced onto the setting. for example the star wars D20 edition had the D20 rules forces into the star wars setting. this resulted in some oddities. Ptolus on the other hand assumes everything in third edition is valid in the city. this leads to the cops using wands of web to hold criminals down.

I was lucky in that At the time this came out I was running my own gaming store so I got this book for the super cheap $50. now I did not buy it for myself, but I could not sell this book to save my life. the gamers in my community just did not want to spend $100 on one setting book. this was a pity as this book really delivered and had a lot of great things about it.

the only downsides are the price and the back breaking heft of the book. also trying to read and memorize this book is like reading war and peace. you will need flowcharts and spreadsheets to remember where everything is.

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