AD&D encyclopedia magica



The AD&D 2e Encyclopedia magica is a four volume set of books that contained nearly all of the magic items produced in the Dungeons and dragons game up until 1994. these volumes really do include almost all of them including comedic items such as the arrow of sleighing and the holy terror hockey stick. the arrow of sleighing is awesome as when you fire the arrow it turns into a sleigh. the book also containes items that are obsolete due to rules being dropped from 2e such as items that give or enhance ultravision  (ultravision is the ability to see ultraviolet light)

A nice error that appeared in the first printings of these books is the dawizard edit. basically the word mage was to be replaced with the word wizard. unfortunately it looks like someone just did a find and replace because words such as damage were changed to dawizard. therefore an item that allowed you to cast cone of cold would be doing 10D6 dawizard to everyone in the cone save for half.

this is one of the greatest volumes of books ever made for Dungeons and dragons. unfortunately these type of volumes really can only be made at the end of a games lifespan.  thankfully just because the games is no longer produced does not mean you have to stop playing the game. therefore if you are into AD&D get these books when you can find them.

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