7 days to die-Video game review



7 days to die is well.. minecraft with zombies.  the game play involves a lot of resource gathering. then building followed by killing or avoiding zombies. this game can be really hard for us newbs. the first time I played this game I did not know how to build well, nor what anything did. sufficed to say I died a lot. I have gotten better and can survive at least until the 7 day horde. the changes to the sky and atmosphere every 7 days for those hordes is awesome. the sky turns blood red. you hear the screeches of the zombie horde from far away and you know you only have moments to bunker down before death is knocking at your door (which hopefully you upgraded).

note I actually had what I think was a glitch on my first day five. on day five a horde of close to fifteen zombies attacked my shelter even though I was well away from civilization. note I play on the lowest setting that still generates zombies as I am a wimp.

I do enjoy playing with the creative mode on as it allows me to just build the bases and buildings I want to. I also learned that setting up a base in the burned out forest is not good when it is your first game. the flaming zombies are a pain being able to set you on fire as well as beating you death.

a few tips from this newb. build a strong defense in an isolated structure as soon as you can to prepare for the  first 7 day horde. avoid the cities until you have some decent ranged weapons as you will be overwhelmed. build a multi door system into your base as the zombies at least in my game go for the doors first. another thing to build are spike traps. these things are easy to build cost little resources and can stop zombies very well. careful though as the spike traps can also stop you very well. also do not underestimate the stone axe. the stone axe is easy to repair and can serve as a usable weapon and building item. other items are better then the stone axe, but when you are in a pinch the stone axe comes through.

I am actually going to be hosting a server and having several friends play with me a few nights a week. hopefully this will make the game a bit easier as we will not be doing PVP. also note for server or mods when you increase bock toughness it increases both for the zombies and yourself. another note is you can adjust the game to allow that nothing is dropped upon death. you have to put the number 4 in the server doc for dropped item upon death line.

some more advice from a newb to newbs is when you go out to scavenge only carry the barest necessities . your inventory will fill up really fast so you need all of the space you need. in addition do not grab items you know you have a lot of, or have no need for at the moment. it is also better to run then fight. also zombies may not be able to swim, but they can still walk across the bottom of a river/lake.therefore being on an island is not a guaranteed safe space.


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