Batman Arkham Knight Review


Batman Arkham knight is the fourth of the batman arkham games. the other three being batman arkham, batman arkham city, and batman arkham origins. this is the first game where the batmobile is available to use during play.

the biggest flaw of this game to me was the over dependence on the batmobile mechanic. It seems like when the fans kept asking for the batmobile the developers decided to really give fans the batmobile. thankfully the batmobile controls are pretty good for the most part. the issue I have is when I play the other batman arkham games the ability to soar through Gotham as batman really helped me feel like I was playing batman. Here with having to use the batmobile so much it starts to feel more like GTA to me at least.

the combat retains the rhythm based combat of prior installments. I really love the combat system as it really flows. though my favorite way to dispatch bad guys is with silent take downs.

the main villains of the game is the scarecrow and the Arkham knight. the scarecrow is positively frightful in appearance. the arkham knight looks fine also. other fan favorite villains also show up like Mr freeze, and killer croc. unfortunately they of course had to include the joker in the game also even though he is dead. Honestly I am sick to death of the joker having to be a major player in every batman game. I know he is the iconic batman villain, but can we please have more batman games without him. the story line ending with Mr freeze is wonderful and really top notch story telling in my opinion. the revel of the Knight though was honestly cliche to anyone who was familiar with the bat mythos.

the DLC and extras for the game the game are nice. the Harley Quinn story was in my opinion too short. it was a nice change of pace over the main story but, I was hoping for something that could have topped the catwoman DLC from Arkham city.

Overall this is a good game, but arkham city is still the best overall of the games.

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