Designing a Game part 2

Here we are with part two of designing a table top rpg.

in part one we established core dice mechanic, stats and skill. we decided on using a dice pool method  for the games engine. now let us go on to establishing difficulties

we know that on 2D6 the most common number is 7 therefore for simple tasks 7 will be the number to beat easy will be 5 and very easy 3. hard will be 9 and really hard will be 11. extreme difficulty will be 13. this way maxed out PC’s can accomplish hard tasks almost automatically and still have a chance to fail extreme tasks.

now for combat I think we will use an active defense system were the combatants both roll their Physical+combat and see who gets the highest number. for damage we will use physical + a damage modifier from the weapons.. all maneuvers like tripping and what not will also be done via this method.

for armor and shields we will have them subtract damage from each blow of the weapon hitting them. light armor will protect from 1 pt of dam, medium 2 and heavy 3. shields will add an addition point of protection on top of armor.

For HP we can start with 6 hp plus physical. for weapons right now lets go with a static number so for light weapons +2 dam, medium +3 and heavy +4. this will make combat at the start very deadly as a +2 phys and a heavy weapon will do 6 damage and the best armor only will protect 3 points of that. therefore two hits and the player is down. to make up for this let us have light weapons be base, medium weapons give a -2 to hit and heavy -4 that way they hit harder but hit less often.

next time we will go into leveling and maybe even a primitive magic system.

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