mage the ascension


mage the Ascension is a game by White wold studios now onyx path. it is a great game where the power of will and believe allow you to reshape reality, but this reshaping comes at a cost.

the world of Mage is the world of darkness it is our world but one in which corporations and corrupt politicians who only care about themselves rule. where police shot first and ask questions never, where free thought is suppressed and blood suckers stalk the nights after lone women to pray upon where xenophobia and racism run unchecked. oh wait that is the trump administration. umm the world of darkness is all of that plus real magic and supernatural forces are alive and well or at least undead and doing okay.

in mage you play well mages. note white wolf book titles basically told you what you were playing. as a mage you could reshape reality, but doing so builds up something called paradox. paradox is good ol Jim cricket with a chain saw. you see you can only push against the universe so much before it pushes back.

the magic system is one of my top three magic systems in RPG’s the other two are the dragonlance saga edition and the ars magica system. in this system magic is broken down into nine spheres correspondence (distance), mind, forces, entropy, life, spirit, time, prime (fundamental universal energy) and matter. each sphere is divided into 5 base levels (high level play goes up to ten) the more ranks you have in a sphere the stronger and the more spheres the more versatile you are.

the dice mechanic is the classic dice pool system where you add your skill plus your base stat together to form a dice pool. the game uses D10’s and anything over a 7 is generally a success. everyone is human though there are 11 main “traditions” of mages that act as a race/class combo.

one nice thing about this game is it can be either  a personal game or a huge inter dimensional space opera style game it all depends on the GM and the players. in the meta story of the games the mages of the traditions battle against the technocracy ( people who believe the ends justify the means and use super science) the nephandi (demon worshipers) and the marauders (crazy mages).

overall this is a great game and it has several editions would recommend the 20th anniversary edition as it is the latest and most up to date version at the moment.

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