Sam riegel of critical role


Sam Riegel is an actor, singer and story teller. His acting roles include Donatello in the 2003-2010 Teenage mutant ninja turtles and riven in winx club series as well as parts in the American Dub of Nuroto. his acting began in 1985 a full list of his work is of course found on IMDB . He is also an avid redskins fan deep down (that may not be true). Sam has two children and is married to a cinematographer (who is very accomplishes in her field)

on the critically acclaimed show of critical roll he plays the gnomish bard scanlan shorthalt. make no mistake his name sounding close to scandalous is accurate as many of the crews more risque adventures are brought about by this little n o’er do well. his current story arc has him going down the dark path of drugs that hopefully he will come back from. Scanlan is BFF’s with the Travis’s barbarian Grog often drinking and whoring themselves across emon (the land they adventure in). Scanlans signature spells are Bigby’s hand and vicious mockery. He use to have a crush on the gnomish cleric pike, but has sense relaxed on that love a bit.

other exploits of Sam’s Scanlan including turning into a Dinosaur, using a wand while Holding his “wand” and getting injured by a locked door.note the door was not magical, nor a monster it was in fact an ordinary locked door.




As of the most recent episode of critical role same will not longer be playing scanlan who has retired for the time being. He will instead be playing an artificer. Sam will as far as I know still be part of the show, but just as this new character.

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