House Hunting-non gaming topic

Howdy followers.

this past weekend the wife and I went house hunting for the first time.  we saw five houses with our Realtor. three of them were okay, two were definite no’s . one of the no’s was so dated. it looked like the prior inhabitants had not updated sense the 70’s. there was shag carpeting, wooden paneled basement. the appliances had push buttons and a faux wooden look to them. that house also had a lot of repairs that needed to be done and the seller said they would do no repairs, so that house was out. the second no house had a ton of work that needed to be done to it and by the time those repairs were down the asking price would have shot the house beyond out price range. for example the back yard was barren and on a hill so we would have had to reseed the whole yard and that was not going to happen.

the three good houses falls into two categories the houses we want and the one we would settle for.the one we will settle for is super basic it needs some love and the appliances are a little old. the back yard of the will settle for house though is amazing with a three tiered terrace great for gardening. of the other two one is going to end up a no just because the asking price is the same for both of the top tier houses we looking at, but one lacks a fridge, washer and dryer. the other house does not.

in the end the deciding factor will be my dad and if he comes though with the gift money he has promised me. if he does we are going with the real good house, if he does not we have to go with the will settle for house.

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