Fixing theTabletopDragon ball Z RPG


Hello and welcome to the first installment of lets see if we can fix a broken system tournament. our first contender is the Dragonball Z game.

now as mentioned in my previous post this system quickly becomes unplayable once you start leveling up. due to the characteristic plus skill plus 3D6 rule set. this means once your skill exceeds a difference of 18 vs your opponents skill you can not miss except on a critical fumble. now there are a few options on how to fix this note that when you level you only every raise your skills.

option one is to get rid of the system all together and create a new one or use another one. this though is cheap and I actually want to work with what has been given to solve the issue.

option two: after character creation allow the dice to level up and not the skills. in this scenario the characteristics are set as they are and you get rid of the skill points and instead make them into skill dice. this system would function similarly to West end games D6 system. I would recommend using for leveling that you need to use XP equal to the number of dice in your skill for leveling up or another variable depending on how slow or fast you want players to level.

option three: get rid of the 3D6 and have the char plus skill be what you roll as a die pull. now with the large dice pools you will get I would suggest only rolling the first digit and adding zeros tot he end. so instead of rolling 200 dice you roll 2 dice and ad two zeroes.

Option four: this scenario is to keep the characteristics, skills and dice, but allow for the dice to also level and limit you skills to be no more then twice the dice in your die pool. for example your dice pool is 3D6 your skill can not be higher then 6. in this scenario you have dice cost three or even four times what a skill costs so there is still an incentive to raise skills.

another issue with the game is that there is little reason to raise your power levels as yous C+s+d is more important. some solutions are

Option one: have Xp allotted to different areas. so you would have Power level XP and Skill/Dice XP and just give out more PLXP. this would hopefully also get players to use there energy attacks more.

option two: if a player is not yet powered up via the power up skill the default to rolling just the characteristic +3D6. also in this option have it so that the players lose 10 power per attack or round so they must continue to use their power.

Option three: get rid or PL and power up and just use the sum total of all of the characters skills and dice as their power level when that number needs to be known. After all after the frieza saga and before the sayian saga the actual power level number is not really that important.

So these are some options on how to make the core mechanic of the DBZ rpg more playable. I have not done the math or played these out too much so let me know how well these would work if you try them.

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