Ghostbuster RPG


yes you read that right you ghosts and ghoulies there was indeed a licensed ghost busters RPG. it was produced by west end games the makers of the amazing D6 star wars RPG back in the late 80’s. this game is the grand daddy of dice pool games being on of it not the first. the game is also innovated in that it included the ghost die which is the predecessor to many fate style dice.

the game is very simple and rules light as is to be expected being as it is the one of the first of its ilk. you can either play as one of the main cast of the amazing ghostbusters crew or franchise out and make your own buster. in a way the concept is not to dissimilar to the ghost busters video game released a few years back. sadly this game did not go on to be in itself a franchise and only had a hand full of supplements. I guess owning the rights to star wars, and ghost busters was a bit too expensive at the time.

getting a full complete box set of this game is hard unless you want to spend some good money. thankfully I managed to get a hold of one myself so I got to see this game in all of its ghostly splendor. I just hope that one day the game line can come back from the dead under a new publisher and a truly frightful time can once again be had by all.

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