Dungeons and dragons 4e…High salt content warning!


Well I figurered I should get this out of the way like with my other salty blogs. There are a few things in the RPG world that I do not like, bad overbearing GM’s, Players who do not shower or who do not change their socks before a game, rigid grid based mini combat, and 4e. 4E is the edition that almost killed D&D. it is the edition that fractured the fan base worse than any other to the point that a rival company using wizards own third edition rules out sold them. the only good things about this edition are the rules and ideas that made it into 5e.

I have tried many times to read through the books and try to clear my mind in order to give the game a real chance, but every time I am reading it I am reminded of how not d&d it is. you see D&D has certain tropes , flaws and archetypes that make the game D&D and not say runequest or warhammer. can you imaging picking up runequest and seeing strict rules on classes or picking up warhammer fantasy and seeing a pretty high fantasy setting instead of the grimdark world we know as warhammer. when WOTC made third edition the changed the rules but kept the tropes and flavor. for example vantican casting, the druid class (available sense basic), the option to make your character fill the role you wanted it to. in 4e that is gone. each class is now a role you are told that if you want to be a leader to pick a cleric. what if I want to be a cleric who is not a leader? well by the PHB that is not an option.if it was an option they would not use such wording that gives the idea of zero choice.

another issue I have is that clerics have for the most part depended on the gods for power. in 4e they say they do, but they actual do not as the rules clearly state once you are ordained you can use your abilities however you see fit. so if you worship the god of healing and love well go ahead and murder and rape little children cause once you are ordained you can tell you “God” to F off and there is ZERO consequences mechanically. even more telling the book says you choose a god, but your powers do not come from said god, so why even choose one?

the alignment system in this game is just stupid. I mean alignment is not really a beloved system, but 4e just made it weird. why five alignments? the nine made sense three choices along two axis produce nine alignments. three could make sense using either the old basic editions law, chaos, or neutral. or maybe use a good, evil neutral system. five though? really? lawful good, good, unaligned, evil and chaotic evil. so let me guess chaos is once again bad? chaos has always represented the individual and freedom and as much as I hate Ayn rand Even I will not call freedom or individuality evil. also in 4e alignment means nothing so why even keep it if they were going to rip out everything else that was the spirit of D&D why keep the one thing people actually think should go?

many people say this game plays like a tabletop online RPG or a board game and well judging from what I have seen they are right. for example character movement is not in feet, but squares of movement. really? so if I do not want to have my PC move around like chess pieces I have to do math to convert the movement of everyone? now of course the solution is just use a grid after all 4e is built to only use a grid and mini’s which WOTC sells for your convenience.

well I know this has been salty and bitter, but I assure you most of my reviews will be good for your blood pressure.


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