Savage worlds


savage worlds is an Rpg by pinnacle entertainment. it is designed to be a multi genre generic rules set. it has many sub settings such as Deadlands which will get its own review later. the core rules does the whole theater of the mind vs minis right by giving you the rules to do both through out the book . unlike say 4e which i could not find rules for converting to theater of the mind, though i think 4e never wanted you to use theater of the mind in any shape or form. for those of you who use mini’s this game does it right as can be expected from a company that started by producing mini war games. basically all movement is in real world inches and you move across the battlefield via these in. all weapons are also measured in real world in. now there is a small issue with this in that the basic hand gun has a rang of 12 in or a whole foot. that is a super short range. the longest range is close to 54 real world feet! so unless you have an extremely large table you are going to have a few issues with the massive ranges.

the game mechanic is basic where you roll a dice and try to get over a a set number. the dice you role depends on your core attribute and skill the core attribute you use is what the base type of dice is and the skill upgrades the dice type. the thing that makes Savage worlds so great is the ability to customize rules for each type of campaign world. the benny system is cool that allows a person to spend benny(Fate) points to improve your roles. the other feature is the up, down, off system where if you use mini’s you can easily determine the condition of the mini by its position. if it is up you are fine, laying down you are injured and dying and off the board you be dead.

overall my experience is more in the Deadlands campaign setting. so when I review that game I will go into more detail about the system as there are rules differences and I do not want to confuse the two too much.

the binding and book size are good. the game itself is real nice and I recommend it to anyone who wants a generic easier to learn system.

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