Nascent YouTubers

I love youtube artists and really like watching gaming channels, but for the most part the big guys rules the roost and the little guys have a tough fight to get views and subs. so I figure I would look at a few of these nascent youtubers

the first is Pixalated Quota. He does livestreams almost everyday around 3:30. he does a lot of roblox and pokemon streams. he also tries to do a frightful games friday. he has recently broke the 1,000 sub wall. his channel tends to be in the more PG level of games and cursing so he is pretty family friendly and has a large sub base of younger kids.  his url is

the second is secrona. He is a very young channel with around 300 subs he does original content and does some livestreaming. he is currently doing a lot of the Paladins game. he is really friendly and plays to entertain people. his channel is a bit more on the pg-13 level. but the community is young enough that every person is a person and not just a random icon on the stream. his channel is at

the third is Stepchildofthesun. she and her husband (which is me) does a lot of pre recorded vids with commentary. we do a huge variety of games. some games we played are Jotun, sophies curse, half-life 2, and turing url is  we are trying to get above the 100 threshold.

a forth is Blue Pug lord. He is a wee lad and his vids are very raw, but he is doing his best with what he has. he has little content at the moment, but he seems to be posting weekly and does a lot of  roblox

the last is G-rated gaming: G-rated is a super chill family oriented channel that plays family friendly games. he does a lot of livestreaming and is very interactive with his audience of children check him out.


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