The Turing test game



The Turing test is a video game developed by Bulkhead studios and produced by SquareEnix. it is available on windows, x-box one and PS4. the game is a puzzle game that introduces deep moral and ethical thought throughout the game.

you play as a member of an expedition to the Jovian moon of Europa. you are Ava Turing which makes the games title a double nod as the game is both a test for Ava Turing and references often Alan Turing’s Turing test. Ava must descend to the moon when all contact with the surface crew is lost. as you try to solve the mystery of what happened you have to solve a series of puzzles that involve shooting various light bullets into corresponding switches. the puzzles are designed so that a computer cannot solve them, but a human mind can.

I would love to go into more detail about the plot and how the Turing test plays a role. as well as go into detail about the moral and ethical discourses within the game. unfortunately to talk about any of those will require massive spoilers. therefore I will make this review short and write up a spoiler heavy review at a latter date.

the graphics are beautiful and the game play smooth. though there are areas that look like J.J Abrams directed it (Mr.Abrams is known for his lens flares). there are also several secret rooms that are far more difficult to access then latter tests so it does have some replay value there. as well as replaying the game to find all of the small clues you missed on the first play through.

The wife and I actually did a play though of this game for her YouTube channel, so check it out and see what you think of the game

I recommend this game to anyone it is very fun and nice to look at.

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