Hollow earth expedition rpg


Hollow earth expedition is an rpg for use in creating pulp adventure style RPG’s in the vein of indiana jones, the shadow, and doc savage. I found this game by mistake. i backed the revelations of mars kickstarter and did not realize it was a source book for HEE. that is a lesson to read about the product before kickstarting, though the mistake was a happy one as this is a nice RPG.

the core game mechanic is so simple you roll dice any dice you want and count all the even numbers, or odd if you want and each even number is a success get enough and you succeed at your task. the company also has created some propitiatory dice that have a listed number of successes on them so you can roll less dice and still get the same number of successes.

Funny story. my wife is a science nerd and the hollow earth concept irritates her so much. now we can play D&D and have flying fire-balling wizards and she is fine. We can play mage the ascension and she is fine, but through in a hallow earth and she just cannot take the setting seriously..it is a bit odd, but endearing.

the default setting has the game take place in the hallow earth and the players are either trying to uncover its mysteries or escape. the hallow earth is full of dinosaurs lost civilizations and Nazi’s. one of the lost civilizations are the Atlanteans who are an important precursor race in the setting and have an even bigger role on the revelations of mars setting.

the book itself is small, but think about portfolio size. this does help aid in transportation. the book is bound well and the text readable.

I personally like the games fluidness and ability to know if you have a chance at a task just by looking at the dice pool. I am also found of the whole pulp genre so I may be a bit biased there. Overall I would recommend this game to anyone

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