Big Eyes Small Mouth 2nd edition



Big eyes small mouth or BESM for short is a table top rpg that is suppose to be able to simulate any genre of Japanese anime or manga there is. the rules are simple in that you toll 2d6 and try to get under your stat, you add skill ranks or other modifiers if you have them.the system does allow for a large range of possibilities in character and world generating.

some issues are that the soul state (note there are three stats hence the name tri-state system the other two are body and min Iirc). is the one stat you want to have high as it applies to almost everything. the other issue is that without a strong GM with a strong plan for a game the options can be overwhelming.

the green covered edition is very colorful and has some nice art in it. the text is readable, though the book could be organized better. which leads into the blue covered revised 2e book which has better organization but at the cost of colored pages.

as I said the core mechanic is very easy you roll 2d6 and try to get lower then your stat that governs your action. thus higher stats are good. also if the optional skill system is used then the higher your skill the higher the number you subtract from your dice roll. a nifty mechanic is the critical hit system where when you roll snake eyes (two ones) you then re roll on a chart to see if you do x2, x3 or x4 damage on the hit. another nice feature is that abilities and skills are divided by type and genre so it is easier to see what material is is good for your campaign and what to leave out. also skill cost changes depending on genre, so that a skill like guns costs more for a gang style game and less for a teen romance where the skill should appear less.

The game is good and I had a few fun sessions with it, until a problem player showed up and kinda destroyed the game. now there is a third edition of the game, but that is rare as the company got bought out around the release of it and very few books where produced. there is also a D20 version that needs to burn and be avoided at all cost.

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