Chris Perkins of Wizards of the coast


Chris Perkins is one of the lead designers Wizards of the coast. note the dog in the pic is not Chris Perkins, but when i was looking at photos the photo with the dog was too cute not to use. He was part of the team that worked on star wars Sega edition and thus helped some with 4e dnd.., but he has also been working on products for 5e so he can be forgiven for his transgressions against D&D (note I am joking from what I can tell via twitter Chris Perkins is an awesome dude.)

from what i can tell he began his writing life in 1988 making an adventure for Dungeon magazine # 11. He has a cameo on geek and sundries critical role and runs his own livestream with other famous youtubers such as pro Jared,and commander holly. I would love to watch their curse of strahd streams, but my wife is about to run the game thus I am trying to avoid spoilers. he is very active on twitter and answers fans questions often..though he did not answer mine :(, but with a couple thousand followers tweeting him every day it is understandable he can not answer every question.


3 thoughts on “Chris Perkins of Wizards of the coast

  1. You scored with this post. Thanks for a great read. One issue: you tubers livestream, not life stream. This is a mistake here about Perkins in this post. A minor correction, is all. The information which interested me the most about this post is that there is a star wars Sega edition. Can you find time to write more about that?


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