Apocalypse world Follow up


I have about a week now to read this RPG more in depth. my last review was an initial reaction and I knew that  my thoughts would change one way or another after I had time to read the Book more. I wanted to do an initial review because I have not done that before and will have few opportunities to do so seeing as I have owned the books I am reviewing for years now. Also doing an initial then a follow up is good to show how opinions can potential change and that first impressions though good can be misleading.

First thing is that when i made the blog I tweeted the link over on twitter. I even tweeted at Vincent Baker who actual responded to my tweet. he seems like a nice fellow as I did check out his twitter. he thanked me for my review even though i thought it may have been a bit harsh myself. Having said that once again I will be honest with my review and not let his coolness influence my review.

the book did grow on me. I still am not a huge fan of using such strong language in the rules section of a RPG, but once I got past that I could see the book more for what it was then the surface would have me think it was. Vincent does not allow the rules to be ambiguous he goes into many examples on how each rule works. this is very nice as you know how a rule is suppose to work and not just guess based on some vaguely worded text. the rules are simple and the base mechanic is simple. the issue is that each skill and move has specific criteria of what you can do when you succeed, partial succeed or fail. this would not be bad if the moves were not spread out over several chapters. the play books (class sheets) do help alleviate some of this by having spaces to record the most common moves that character makes. unfortunately if a new move or an uncommon move pops up you will have to search the book to find out what happens on each level of success or failure. the index does have a move list so that is a god send.

something I did notice is the NPC in the examples named polliver seems to always get the short end of the stick. I wonder if he is based off of someone Vincent dislikes. cause in just three examples he was brained by a crowbar twice and chainsawed to death. so if you see polliver in an example you know he dead. I just image in universe that whenever the PC’s hire a new grunt they just call him polliver cause they know he going to die.

reading the book also shows that Vincent does have a deep passion for the game and that is always good. I will also point out that while the game does exclude by age due to the harsh language, it does do its best to be inclusive based on other factors such as sex,gender,and sexuality. this is nice and it does this without be preachy or in your face as people would say. interestingly I did have a mini twitter convo with Vincent about the use of the word Transgressing  as to me it seemed a bit odd to use that word in the looks section of the playbooks. Vincent explained why he chose the word and it made sense (I was thinking he had a copy error and meant something related to being trans* I was wrong)

I also think the long names for moves is a bit eh, but it does flow in the way that the game is set up so it works. I love the filmography/influences section in the back of the book. also the whole clock think was a bit weird, but once I saw the origin it made so much sense, so if Vincent reads this thanks for including that.

Overall I am happy with the book. not sure if I will play a session with the group I play with, but if i can find another group to join I am willing to play the game.



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