Everyverse Tabletop RPG


The Everyverse RPG is made by Debra Hoenig Parizek and is based on her late husband Dennis’s home brewed system. I believe he Had all but finished it and just wanted to get it published, but sadly passed away before he could see his dream come true. Debra then took to Kickstarter to get the game published. it took two attempts, but the kickstarter was finally successful. I believed in this kickstarter as it tug on my heart strings and I figured even if I did not like the game I needed to help Debra get her late husbands game published.

the game presents itself as a truly universal system due to the fact that the core book uses standard deviation as its core game mechanic. for those without a background in statistics SD is the measurement in variance from the standard. the most common SD you see in gaming is the bell curve


now some people be like whoa what? and that is an issue with the system. thankfully when you roll groups of dice you create a bell curve so you can easily and the book even has rules for converting the game to use standard dice. reading the rules kept giving me flashbacks to my days in my experimental design and statistic classes in college. though by just distilling the dice down to their pure mathematical statistic form you can indeed use this system for any dice rolling based game.

the book itself is really thin, perhaps if Debra went with a portfolio size print instead of the standard RPG book it would have made the game look fuller. the rules in the main book are sparse with most of it dedicated to the core mechanics. there is very little that I remember in world building, GM tips, and items. though there are supplement books that are being released for the game. the supplements are a paranormal book, a high tech equipment book, a future history’s books, and an adventure module. I backed at the second to highest level and will be getting all of the books when they become avaliable.

one error I have found is there is a chart or section on mental illness that has many errors on it. such as grouping illness that are not related together and If i recall correctly using some outdated terms. now being a psych major and studying substance abuse along with it has made me a bit keen on the loads of errors that pop up in the mental health sections of books. too often these sections are wrong, outdated, or just plain bad.

overall the book is bland and more on the technical side of things. if Debra does a second edition or a revised version it would be nice if she could get someone to help her add more fluff to the books. in many ways this is the opposite of Apocalypse world which has a more fluffy writing style.

I am proud to have backed this book as I feel that this system given some more polish could be a solid game. though right now there is not a lot of bang for your buck with the core rules alone. perhaps in the future include the supplements into the main core book.

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