Rise of the runelords AP


Rise of the runelords is the first AP from paizo set in their campaign world of Galarion. the anniversary edition revises the rules to be fully in line with the Pathfinder rule set. Now I will not go into details about the Pathfinder rules and I will focus just on the adventure path.

Rise of the runelords is a fine example of a great adventure path. the scale of the threats go up in a nice linear fashion except for the notorious fight in book 2. I mean really who play tested that fight and said it was a decent Challenge rating. you start off with goblins and go to a murder mystery in book two. then on ward to ogres, giants and powerful wizards. overall classic and fantastic.

my favorite sections are actually the first three as they to me seem very strong and full of interesting images. the hunted house and the cannibal, incest driven ogres and ogre-kin are amazing. the Galarion goblins are in full force in the first book though rather you love or hate their Galarion personalities or not the first book does a fine job letting the player know what to expect from these little beasts.  one of our Galarion stories was adopting a Goblin named grabbutt he loved pickles and become a follower because we promised him fresh pickles between dungeons.

I both GMed this game and then played through the first two books with another GM before the group disbanded. the game was fun as a DM, but as a player due to group issues it was less fun. that being said this AP is amazing over all.

another funny story from my group as I GMed was when …spoilers….

turn back spoilers….



the group encountered the pit fiend in the dam. one of the players who was a rogue ratfolk was tired and fell sleep meanwhile the assimar paladin and ifrit barbarian argued with each other on what to do with the pit fiend and even argued with the fiend on what to do. in the end they made a deal note this took about 30 min real time as they weighed the moral and ethical conswquences of each decision they could make. as they make their choice the ratfolk wakes up (in game we imagined he curled up in a corner and fell asleep also. so he woke up and was like what i miss and we were like “oh just making deals with devils” and he was like “haha guys really what did i miss” and it took us like 10 min to convince him that we were not screwing with him and actually had a devil deal go down.

overall if you are playing pathfinder get this AP it is a delight. and if you play another system think about picking it up and converting it if you can.


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