Marisha Ray of critical role



Marisha Ray is an actress that plays the role of Keyleth in the ever popular twitch series critical role. though for some reason a basic google search for her does not have a lot of good pics of her in her Keyleth costume from critical roles opening.  she is currently engaged to Matt Mercer who is also a voice actor and the DM of critical role.

Marisha has been acting sense 2005 according to IMDB. she does mainly one off voices for shows . she actually has a second series called signal boost also on the geek and sundry set though that show has rotating hosts and she acts as the producer for some of its run if I am not mistaken. .

Her character of Keyleth is often the punching bag of the toxic portion of the critter community. note most critters are great people, but some of the loud ones can be real obnoxious to Marisha in how she plays Keyleth. though personally not my favorite character on the show, i do not see why people have to be so mean to her for playing her character the way she wants to play them. she also has a habit of casting the wrong spell at the wrong time apparently, though i have not really noticed that that much myself, and hay what new player has not screwed the pooch when it comes to spells. Her character is a half elf druid of the air arshari people who is on her journey to master the four elements..not unlike avatar the last airbender.

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