Demonwars reformation rpg


Demon wars reformation is a RPG written and made by R.A Salvatore who is the author of the much loved drizzt series of books for the forgotten realms setting. he also wrote other series including Demon wars and this game is based on that series of books. the RPG picks up right after the last book in the series. this rpg centers around the reformation of the main religious church in the demon wars world. the main class in the book are monks, though do not worry not every monk is the same as there are four paths to choose from and you can even mix and match paths. the four paths are named after famous monks in the demon wars novels, but can be broken down into striker, protector, support and spellcaster. also worth mentioning is this game was a kickstarter project and due to the funding the rogue class was also introduced in this book and they play completely different then the monks with the rogue class having four paths and multiple sub classes.

this game really shines when you have four players each dedicated to one path as at higher levels the four synergize so well that the group can overcome anything, which is the whole point of the four paths according to the RPG”s fluff. the rogues on the other hand seem to be set up so that each player is a seperate specialty and independent of the others in the group, as opposed to the monks who depend on each other in battle.

the game system is not bad and is very much of the cloth of the old school games that people like. the most innovated thing is the spellcasting system which uses gems called ring stones. each gem has a different power such as fire for ruby and by combining with other gems or just using it on its own many myriad affects can be had. I personally played the spellcaster in our game and I loved the system. in fact everyone in the group but the support player loved it. He eventually grew to love it once we hit several levels and he saw how his character supported the group. but at first he felt useless.

the art in the book runs from gorgeous to down right bad CGI style art that looks like ti is from the 80’s.  I think the bad art which is mainly in the monster section was an add-on and felt a bit rushed. also a funny thing with our group is that the GM who helped the kickstarter printed out some PDF copies of the book so we all had one to reference during game. for some reason the combo of the books logo on the PDF and his printer settings made the logo look like a reeces peanut butter cup.

R.A Salvator did try to kickstart a second book that would have allowed players to play knights in the game sadly this did not get full funding, but i hope he tries again soon as now I have a lot more money to help the kickstarter this time.

overall this RPG is great and I recommend it to anyone. besides the art the only off putting thing are the NPC and location names, Mr Salvatore has a tendency to make his fantasy names a bit odd in my opinion, but that is a personal dislike and did not get in the way of my fun with this game. So go out and buy it if you can.

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