Dungeons and dragons 5e



Here it is the review for the current edition of Dungeons and Dragons. the current edition of this game is amazing and brings back the magic (no pun intended) of the pre 4e editions. fourth edition D&D almost killed the franchise and this edition saved it.the rules are the simplest most streamlined of any edition of D&D I have played.in order to combat the power creep of prior editions this one introduced bounded accuracy which is a hard limit to just how high numbers can get in the game. in prior editions once you high mid levels a group of 20 goblins were just a road bump in a journey. in this edition that group can still be a threat to high level PC”s (not much of a threat but they can still hit and damage PC”s). this edition was created with a massive open play test so that real players could join in and give feedback about what they want instead of just listening to the players on a few message boards as seemed to be the case with 4e.

the rules are simple roll a d20 and see if you over come a difficulty number which thankfully due to bounded accuracy theses DC’s do not become ultra high as in 3e. another nice feature is the concentration mechanic which prevents casters from stacking dozens of spells and becoming combat gods. the concentration mechanic is where only one spell with concentration can be maintained at any one time.

most of the classes have been given some nice improvements except the ranger. it seems that in each edition the ranger becomes weaker and weaker. the monk on the other hand has become a decent class  again. it looks like Wizards of the coast have finally learned from the mistakes of 3rd and 4th editions. they kept the good and tossed the rest. note to me it looks like they have returned to the halcyon days of the old TSR editions.

my favorite things combat wise are the  exclusion on mini and grid dependency, and the annihilation of the horrifically flawed attack of opportunity system of 3rd. just wished they returned to the default rolling initiative every round as that is more realistic and made combat more exciting and tactical as you had to actually plan multiple tactics for every initiative possibility. the ability to move around a battle field without having to worry if every sneeze will provoke and attack of opportunity from the monsters around you.

the art is what one should expect from a large company such as WOTC and is awesome. the book layout and design is top notch. the only flaw i see is that in the spell section they do not list which spell is for which class in the spells description this is a bit annoying when i see a cool spell for my wizard only to find out it is for another class when I go back to the spell index.

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