Liam o’Brien of critical role


this is our second part of a series dedicated to writing short pieces about famous and semi famous people in the table top gaming community. Today’s person is Liam O’Brian. Liam plays Vax in the hit twitch show critical role a show that i believe has helped revitalize the table top community by making gaming cool.

Mr O’brians is a talented voice actor who’s acting skills go all the way back to 1989 according to IMDB  some of his voice work included red skull in avengers assemble, doctor strange in ultimate spider man and nephrite in sailor moon..the last one I just found out about. he is also a talent behind the scenes as he is a voice director for several games and movies. his full work biography can be seen on  his IMDB .  he is married and has several children whom he has been grooming to be future table top gamers.

his role on critical role as the daring  half elf rogue vax’ildan brings the dark angst to the party as well as some damn good emotional acting. though he does have a lot of none angst moments, like in one episode when he shaved half of Grogs newly grown beard. he also has a penchant for doing the batman disappearing act and walking away in the middle of talking to people. he also is known for his fabulous collection of cloaks and his semi romance with the famed magic shop owner gilmore. Vax also is the twin of vex.. i think they chose those names just to mess with the DM matt mercer. I am still waiting for one of them to have a child and name it Vix.


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