Godlike RPG


Godlike is what you get if you put real super powered people in a world on fire. godlike is an rpg where super humans emerge during WW2. though this is not the world of captain america or the justice society. this is our world and our history altered to accommodate the super humans or if your German the ubermensch. this is a game where you create multiple pc’s due to the high death rate. for you see you do not only have to deal with machine guns, tanks and bombs, but also people who can control shadows, people who can turn a man to salt, or a 98 lbs man who can hurl a tank 10 miles. sufficient to say this game by default is lethal.

the core mechanic of this system is called the one roll system. you roll a set of D10’s based on your stats and attributes. this one roll determines if you hit, where you hit and how hard you hit. you want to get matched dice so as many dice with the same number as possible. the more matches you get the faster you go. the higher the number the better you do. some powers also let you change theses D10’s into wiggle or hard dice. wiggle dice can be any number you want while hard dice are always a D10. for powers you can either choose some pre made powers or go ala cart and build a power from the ground up.this leads so a lot of variety in powers.

the book also goes into detail on how WW2 changed due to the super men.some events do not change others did. the history section details the changes by having a circle mark the events that differ.

the book it self is good quality. the art work is a bit on the cheesy Photo shopped line, but are nice nonetheless. the book also included a D20 conversion in the back, but at this point if you want D20 super heroes just go with mutants and masterminds 3rd edition.  overall i like this game and if you are a fan of WW2 or superheroes give it a try if you can find a copy.



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