Apocalypse world 2 edition



Hello everyone to the Apocalypse. this is a first impressions review of apocalypse world second edition which I just got in the mail. I was one of the kickstarters for this game. I decided to kickstart it because i had very few apocalyptic games and I had heard that the first edition received many awards so I assumed it was a good system.

again this is my first impressions of the game. I have not played it nor have I gone deep into analyzing the system. my first impression reading through the book was that this book seemed to have been made in the 90’s when everything had to be “Kewl”. the book drops curse words in the rules text almost from page one. it seems like the developers are still in the mind set that gritty and mature means you need to use F bombs and talk about sex a lot..yes there are mechanical advantages to having sex. the use of such language creates an air of exclusivity and honestly immaturity throughout the book. this seems to me at first reading to be targeted to the teenager crowd or at least the same people who would play FATAL. now i feel that last sentence was brutal, but honest i must though emphasis that this game is nothing like FATAL oh god this game is so far beyond that piece of shat  that it pains me that that demographic is one that would be drawn to this game.

the rules for the most part seem simple and easy to pick up. I do like that the game has a strong emphasis on making sure all of the PC”s know each other prior to the first session and in fact the first session is dedicated to the creation of those bonds and creating the world. I do think this joint world creating in the hands of a group of mature players will produce some outstanding games. I do wish there was a few mini campaign setting ideas in the book for new groups to use to build upon (there may be in the book. but on my first read through i did not see it).

the book itself is so small. it is almost novel size and compared to other rpg’s this one stands out on the shelf a lot, which may be bad for some people and good for others. the interior writing though suffers for this and the writing is very cluttered compared to bigger books that have more room for layout clarity. the other issue is again the heavy use of cursing and colloquial language which can make reading the book more of chore than it needs to be. rules books should be precise and clear to cut down on rule misinterpretations. as much as i love gary gygax’s DMG i did have to use a dictionary when i first read it as a kid due to some very archaic words.

this book may not be for everyone, but the system from what i have seen seems solid and I cannot wait to try it so i can give this game a more thorough  and complete review.

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