Dragon Ball z Tabletop RPG


Hello fighter to the broken rules tournament. your opponent is the DBZ RPG. this game oh this game i had such high hopes like over 9000 hopes, but they were crushed under a Spirit bomb. now I will say when my friends and I played it we had a lot of fun at first when we were still low xp levels. once we got to super sayian levels though the flaws in this game showed big time.

now what flaws could render a game unplayable well simple task resulution was accomplished by rolling dice that were based on your core state plus your the dice you trained in the skill plus 3D6. this seems not bad a lot of systems do this the issue is lot the power levels your trained score can be to reuse a joke over 9,000 that btw is not a lie so you could have one person roll 9,000+3D6 and unless their opponent was within 18 points of them then there is no point in rolling. that is the fatal flaw of the system. once the gap between skills exceeds 18 combat goes to the higher number always.

another flaw was that power level actually is not the state you want to power up..ironically if your fighting is high enough you can defeat frieeza with a power level of 110 (the lowest you can have). there is zero incentive to raise power level unless you want to fire huge Ki blasts, which is cool but you would need a high power level and a high power skill to do anything vs buffing up just your fighting.

now at starting levels this game is playable enough. I would recommend no sayians or nemekians though, or at least going by the book method of determining if you can be one of those races. in the book to be a saiyan you need to roll snake eyes (two ones) on two D6 for nemekian you need to roll 3 or less on 2D6. though if you allow saiyans just as with the show the sessions will become the saiyan with there comic relief side kicks.

I would only get this book if you can find it cheap and want to collect dragon ball merchandise. the system is unplayable broken, the fluff can be found online easily and many other systems do what this does but better. so unless you are a die hard gamer you must collect them all or a die hard DBZ fan you needs all the things avoid this game.

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