Travis Willingham of critical role



I figured instead of just reviewing RPG books and video games I would also Review? actors, editors and others who are part of the gaming community. I am starting with Travis Williangham of critical role fame. okay saying of critical role fame is an injustice to this man as he has starred as the voices of many characters in the world of geekdom. He was and is the voice of Thor odinson in avengers assemble. He is Harvey dent in telltales Batman series. you know I could fill this whole page with just his acting work which according to IMDB goes all the way back to 1989. so here is his IMDB link .

Now many Critters (fans of critical role) may wonder why I started with Travis instead of say Matt mercer. well just look at the picture above would you not start with him yourself? though really I started with travis because I wished I had known someone like him when I was in high school years ago. during my time in school D&D and role playing were seen as dweebs who had no social skills and who needed to be bullied and beat up regularly for being different. Travis on the other hand at 6’4″ and has an athletic built. I wish I knew someone like him as that would have gone a long way toward breaking the stigma that geeks has to be outcasts.

He is a fan of the Dallas cowboys from what I can gather from watching Critical role and he even broke a mechanical pencil with just his thumb a feat of strength that has yet to be repeated on the show. He is married to Laura Bailey a fellow voice actor and critical role member.

His character of Grog on critical role is a Goliath barbarian with a low int and high libido as well as a simplistic hedonistic view on life. he is loyal to his friends and likes to kill things dead. not to dissimilar from a lot of D&D characters. After all we have all played the murder hobo at some point have we not. His character of Grog is one of my Favorites in the show. A lot of comedy comes from how he plays Grog, for example he found an alchemist jug that can make various substances one of which was mayonnaise. when asked what he did with the mayo his response was that grog ate it like winnie the pooh with honey. the way he said it with his body language was hilarious. Travis could easily go into comedy if he wanted to.

for those who want to see his exploits as Grog you can got o the Geek and Sundry website and click on critical role, they have all of the back episodes available.

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