7th sea 2nd edition


7th 2nd edition is well the 2nd edition of the ever popular 7th sea RPG. this edition was founded via kickstarter last year. what a kickstarter it was smashing all of its goals and expectations in a matter of days if not hours. I myself backed it being a fan of pirates and sailing. I wish I could have put more money into it, but alas I am a broke adult.

Having both the first and second edition of this RPG allows me to see the evolution that the years have brought to the systems design.  the first edition was closer to a traditional dice mechanic of roll the dice and overcome a TN. now the mechanic is roll the dice and use those results to create a pool of rises that are then used to accomplish tasks. the system has shifted to a strong narrative driven format which I love. I find myself loving cinematic narrative games more and more as the years go on. though truth be told I have always Hated grid based miniature combat ala 3rd and 4th edition D&D. IN 3rd and pathfinder I got rid of the whole Attacks of opportunity, mini’s, and grids and frankly in my opinion combat became far faster and more innovative . this game has no AoO’s, mini,s or grids so right away the combat flows so well.

if you ever wanted to have a player jump on a table grab a chandelier and swing while kicking a drunk in the face then roll off the chandelier onto the floor in one round this system if for you. if you want to emulate the action of Errol Flynn or zorro pick this book up. if you want to be locked step in a 5ft grid , have no mobility and get random attacks by foes who you just happen to pass by even though they are engaged by multiple foes then this is not the system for you.

the book itself is beautiful and the layout is so nice. one issue I had with the first edition was the interior of the book just did not feel good to my eyes. the second edition though it very crisp and not cluttered. the art work is wonderful and looks like it tries to go for the old oil paint look in some cases. the rules are lad out very well with long examples that show the reader how the rules work in actual game play.

overall this book captures the feel of the movies, and books that inspired it. it was well worth the price and I say pick it up when you find it.

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