Force and Destiny


We have arrived at the third and final of the FFG star wars rpg core books. this is probably my favorite of the books as I love the Jedi and playing force users in Star wars RPG’s. In other sci-fi games I can play a space pirate, marine, pilot, smuggler, but only in star wars can I play a force using jedi. the rules are the same as per the other three core books. the biggest difference is the morality system which is this games version of obligation/ Duty. Morality unlike the other two is not something the defaults to wanting more or less of it, instead it is on a continuum where low is going closer to the dark side and high is going towards the light.

going to the light or the dark fully does have a mechanical system attached. going tot he light gives the group a free light side destiny point at the beginning of a session as well as giving the player more strain points. strain being one of the two health style points in the game in this case representing fatigue. going darkside on the other hand automatically turns a light side destiny point to the dark side (a bad thing) at the beginning of the game, the darksider also losses two strain, but gains two wound points.

the book also extended on the force powers a lot the prior two books only had three powers each this one has  those plus. the powers cover almost every force power seen in the movies and in legends. though force speed seems to be missing.

the book also has some great rules on lightsaber modifications. in the other two games light sabers were treated as powerful artifacts and had zero ability to modify them as they were maxed out. this book makes them accessible to most players and allows a force user to customize their lightsabers to their needs.

there are also rules on what is knight level play, but these just boil down to after creating characters take another 150 xp and level them even more.

the rules are even cleaner in this book then the others as they have had time to apply changes and updates to wording that came about through playing the other games.

overall if you play SWRPG’s get this book and the other two and have fun adventuring around the galaxy.

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