Dresden Files RPG


the Dresden files RPG is based on the novels by Jim butcher. the RPG uses a version of the FATE rules system. the book is told as if an associate of Harry Dresden is creating an RPG in universe based on his exploits. there are many tidbits about the game in the margins written as if Bob and Harry are making edits to the original document. this approach is both hilarious in areas and very informative as they drop some hints on things that may come in the novels.

those familiar with the FATE rules will feel right at home here, though the spell casting system is far more complex then in normal FATE as is right for a game about a wizard.

the wife and I really want to play this game, and hopefully will get some time after our other games to play this. the art work int he book comes from the graphic novels I believe and the art is good.

the game is seperated into two main books the your world and our world books the first is all of the rules needed to make your game. the second is a collection of the Dresden files finest NPC”s so it actually is not needed, but i recommend it. I was delighted that the default pre made setting in the book is Baltimore Maryland, my home town. seeing the different areas in the city put into the game is amazing.

if you love FATE or Dresden I suggest buying these books, though there will be spoilers from the novels so if you buy the RPG before reading the novels expect to be spoiled.

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