this is the first of my non Trpg reviews. Jotun is a great beautiful game, and it can be tough. recently the wife and I bought this game for Xbox one and did an Let’s play of it for her channel  we have finished the game and are just taking time to edit it along with other games in order to put it up on youtube.

jotun (old Norse for giant) is the game about a young woman names thora who dies and must accomplish a great quest in order to impress the gods so she can move on to Valhalla. this quest it to defeat the five Jotuns, forest, storm, stone, ice and fire. they have actual names in game. the story is narrated in old Norse with sub titles which is very nice.

the art work has a beautiful hand drawn quality to it. this will make the game stand up to time unlike most of the CGI games which can really show their age’s as time goes on.

the game was created by thunder lotus game who as of this writing have another kickstarter up for new game that appears to be a spiritual sister to Jotun.

the game can be difficult depending what order you fight the giants in. word of warning do not go after the fire jotun until the end, he is a beast of difficulty. as you play you can gain more health as well as spells that will help you out. find and get all of these as they are needed to much.

my only complaint for the game is that there are several levels with no enemies and are just a puzzle, this can cause the game to slow down. on the other hand a few levels are enemy heavy. I hope for their next game that they balance this out slightly. having said this I recommend this game to anyone.

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