Ryuutama is a semi unique fun light rpg from japan. there was a kickstarter by Andy Kitkowski and Matt Sanchez a few years ago that translated this TRPG from the original Japanese into English. the original was written by Okada atsuhiro ( https://twitter.com/okada_atsuhiro).

Ryuutama differs from traditional western rpg’s by having the main emphases of the game being on the journey and not the actual combat of an adventure. for example you gain a lot more XP going from town A to town B in a snowstorm then you do killing neko-goblins. this is also reflected in the character class choices as they are not big hero types seen in traditional games, but instead are representative of the common people. the classes are Merchant, Noble, Hunter, minstrel, farmer, healer, and artisan. each PC also picks a type which are  Attack, mage, or Technical. the magic in the game is not the attack and destroy spells of D&D, but rather magic that works well with surviving a long journey.

online this game is often called  Hayao Miyazaki’s Oregon trail. this does help capture the feel of the game as it is intended to be a light  feel good rpg. the combat in the game gives me a feel for the classic Jrpg’s such as chrono trigger and Final fantasy.

one unique aspect of the game is that the GM also has a Character. this Character is a great dragon that can aid or hinder the players on the journey. there are four classes/races of dragons depending on what kind of story the GM wants to tell. now the aiding and hindering is not suppose to be used in A GM vs players type of way, but rather it is to be used in a way that furthers the story and makes the game more fun for everyone.

overall this game is a very nice and I recommend it to most people. it is rules light, fun and light hearted. the artwork is both beautiful and captures the mood of the game perfectly.

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