Edge of the empire review



this is hopefully the first in a series of Blog review about the various systems and RPG’s  I own.

Edge of the Empire is the first of the core books for Fantasy Flights (FFG) Star wars rpg. this book has almost all of the rules one needs to play. I say almost as there seems to be a lack of rules on how to build a star ship. Also the rules on the force are sparse due to the target of the game.

this rule book focuses on the scoundrels and bounty hunters of the galaxy, think han solo from the movies and Hando from the clone wars/ rebels cartoons. the book offers the players the choice of eight races and six classes. Each class has three sub classes known are specializations that can be chosen. over all the choices of races and classes are enough to play a ton of Star wars games though I do wish for a race book as there are a plethora of races in the Star wars universe.

one of the core differences between this book and the other two in the FFG SWRPG is obligation. obligation is a mechanic that acts as a motivator for game play as well as a resource to gain more credits and equipment in the game. obligation is all of the debts and whatnot that the players owe to something. by increasing obligation you can get things like blasters or credits, but you will have to pay this back somehow and that is the debt that the obligation represents. think of the debt that Han solo owed to Jabba and you get an idea of what obligation is about.

One of the flaws that i see in FFG’s game is that there are three separate core books which cover most of the same rules. it may have been better and more appealing to the average gamer if they went with one core rules and made separate flavor books for the three styles of play.

Another minor flaw to me is that the rules present the dice in a rules light narrative way, yet have a ton of rules on how each result is to be interpreted. therefore the rules come off as the team wanting to do rules light, but got scared and added a lot of crunch to the rules later. that though is a personal opinion of mine. I do think the intro rules are great and you could play a nice game with just those.

the art work and layout are fabulous and top quality. the rules are explained very well and my wife and I were getting the hang of the rules within minutes. when compared to pathfinder were even years after playing the game we still have to reference the book every now and then for clarification.

I would recommend anyone who wants to get into the game to get one of the beginner box sets. not only will it teach you the basic rules but it will also get you a set of the dice which is nice.

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